5 Defensive Driving Tips

Blog 5 Defensive Driving Tips

Here at Gill Insurance and Gill-Holler Insurance, we want to do more than just give you an auto insurance quote. We also want to keep you safe while you’re on the road. Today we want to share five defensive driving tips that you can use to protect yourself and your vehicle.

  1. Remember, safety is your top priority – Always remember that a defensive driver is a safe one. Follow all rules and laws and always buckle up.
  2. Don’t trust other drivers – Trust is a wonderful value – except when you’re driving. You may follow the rules and drive in a safe manner, but other drivers may not. Always keep a safe distance from the car ahead of you and watch out for risky driving that may be happening around you.
  3. Always be aware – Speaking of being watchful, you must be alert at all times when you’re behind the wheel. Check your surroundings frequently. For instance, check your car’s blind spots and mirrors for other drivers and obstacles.
  4. Remove distractions – Before you crank up the engine, put away all distractions including your phone. Also be aware that passengers can steal your attention away from the road.
  5. Follow the speed limit – Please follow the speed limit. These designated speeds are established to keep you safe under certain road conditions.

Of course, sometimes even the most careful drivers can’t avoid an accident. When this happens, a good auto insurance policy is your best protection. Get auto insurance quotes from Gill Insurance in Rock Hill, SC and Gill-Holler Insurance in Fort Mill, SC.