Stay Safe While Driving at Night

Blog Stay Safe While Driving at Night

Your car is so valuable in your everyday life. But as you’re going from place to place, you have to watch out for all kinds of hazards, especially at night. In general, defensive driving practices can help you get around without harm. However, nighttime driving requires even more attentiveness and caution. Here at the Gill Agencies, we’ve seen plenty of auto insurance claims due to accidents that occurred after dark. Here’s our advice on how you can stay safe while driving at night:

  1. Wear a seat belt and put away distractions – First, always put on your seat belt and make other passengers do the same. At the same time, put away the phone, turn down the radio, and silence other distractions. These simple actions can save lives. If you’re using your phone as a GPS, alert others that you cannot text or talk until you make it to your destination.
  2. Get your windshield cleaned – Don’t forget to wipe down your windshield before you head out. This way you’ll be able to see obstacles more clearly. Plus, it will decrease glare from other drivers’ headlights.
  3. Turn the dashboard lights low – Next, it’s important to keep your dashboard light settings on dim. Sometimes bright dashboard lights can prevent your eyesight from adjusting in the night, making it difficult to drive safely.
  4. Keep your distance – Finally, keep a safe distance between yourself and other drivers. Try to stay at least 100 feet away from other drivers.

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