End-of-Year Insurance Checklist

As 2022 ends, it is a perfect opportunity for insurance holders to take inventory of their current coverage and make necessary adjustments based on changes experienced over the last year.

If you received a significant gift in 2022 or made a valuable and financially substantial purchase, make sure the item is accounted for and covered by your property insurance.  Review your current homeowner’s policy to ensure that your home and its contents are protected, especially if you performed any upgrades or maintenance to your home over the last year or plan to do so in the year ahead.

Are you getting the most from your auto insurance policy?  The end of the year is a great time to look for discounts or to take advantage of reward programs.  Review your auto policy and confirm all your family members and vehicles are covered.

If you are a business owner, evaluate your commercial insurance policy to ensure you meet all requirements for running a business in your state.  Commercial insurance requirements might change from year to year, and the agents at Gill Insurance can verify if you need additional policies or Worker’s Compensation coverage for your employees.

The cost of initiating a life insurance policy can increase as you age and can also increase when considering certain health risks and chronic health factors.  A new year is a great time to ensure you have a life insurance policy in place if you do not already have one.  Life insurance policy costs can likewise decrease if you have eliminated certain unhealthy habits for a proven length of time, like tobacco use. 

The agents at Gill Insurance can help you find ways to save on your policies, including bundling coverages together.  Contact us to guarantee that all your current plans are up to date, to discuss ways to save on your premium payments, or to add additional policies that you may need in the year ahead.

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