Auto Insurance and New Drivers

Adding a teenage driver to an auto insurance policy can be a time of mixed emotions for many families. There can be excitement and bittersweetness as the teen takes this necessary step toward independence. Many families may also feel a financial impact when adding a new driver to their auto coverage. Since teenagers are among the highest-risk drivers due to their inexperience behind the wheel, auto insurance premiums can increase significantly as a result.  

There are several practical and attainable options available for families to help lower the monthly premium cost of auto insurance when adding a teenage driver to their policy:

Good Student Discount

The rule of thought is that a student who maintains a solid grade point average will also be more likely to make smarter choices behind the wheel. When applying for this discount, most insurance companies ask for proof of a student’s grades, which may be the only step necessary to receive this discount.

Enroll in a Safe Driving Course

Many insurers now promote driver safety courses to teach young, inexperienced drivers the rules of the road and provide teen driver discounts.

Low-Mileage Savings

If your teenage driver only plans to use their vehicle for the necessities, like driving to and from school or a part-time job, they may be eligible to receive low-mileage savings. 

Consider the Choice of Vehicle

The vehicle your teen will be driving will impact the auto insurance premium. The age, make, and model is important; older vehicles may lack necessary safety features, whereas sportier cars may be considered an additional safety risk.  


A telematics device is a small piece of equipment that you plug into your vehicle (and could also work through your phone with the proper app installed) and gathers driving data such as braking rate, average speed, and the time of day a car is driven. Many companies now offer a telematics discount.

Contact the agents at Gill Insurance when your family is ready to add a teenage driver to your auto insurance policy. We will help you research your options to get the most coverage for your teen driver at the best cost available.